ZT Dialogue

ZT Dialogue是一个基于结点的Unity对话系统插件。

ZT Dialogue is a node-based Unity dialogue system plugin.

ZT Item & Inventory是一个正在努力开发中的Unity模块化道具系统插件。

ZT Item & Inventory is an under  development Unity modular item system plugin.

ZT Behavior是一个正在努力开发中的Unity简易行为树插件。

ZT Behavior is an under development Unity behavior tree plugin.

About Me

大家好,我是Zetan,是Zetan Studio | 浅谈工作室的主要开发人员,具有多年Unity游戏系统及编辑器工具开发经验。本工作室致力于创作易用且易于扩展的Unity插件,为独立开发者提供更便捷的开发手段。

Hello everyone, I’m Zetan, the main developer of Zetan Studio, with many years of experience in developing Unity game systems and editor tools. My studio is committed to create Unity plugins which are easy to use and expand, provide more convenient development means for independent developers.